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Abrahamic Liars genesis

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The band describe themself as having a single purpose; to destroy itself from the inside. And they tell us their songs are compositions built on hate, fear, paranoia and despair. In the next text we try to explain that statement and description by analysing their lyrics.

Musically they produce a diverse Metal sound. All music was written Abrahamic Liars. They were at moment of recording Niels, Jolle, Beuk and Jos. Vocal performances are done by different persons for each different song. And the vocals were recorded in several places in Europe; Portugal, Belgium Trix, Belgium Antwerp Music City, The Netherlands and Iceland.

Abrahamic Liars “Genesis” back cover

“Black Metal Blues” describes a vision of a person or beast that sets out to feast upon the lives of others. The hedonistic pleasure of hunting down and harming innocence. Musically it also brings a hedonistic metal intro, combined with vocals that sound like the vocals of early Cradle Of Filth.

“Notre Dame” sets a tone of lyrical blasphemy. A reaction caused by the incorrect treatment and lack of sanctioning of paedophilic priests by the Catholic church. They clearly point their finger towards that kind of evil. See also the back cover of the album that depicts the burning of the Notre Dame in Paris. Musically also an angrier and faster song.

“Schijnheilig / Schijnveilig” is a Dutch pun for “hypocrite / incorrect assumed safety”. Lyrics deal with the coming and presence of evil in life. The ugly face of existence and the way the vocalist experiences his town Utrecht. It is about the thought that everything and everybody has an evil side. And nobody is perfect or ethically superior. The music for this song has an existential feel and emotional intro. The vocals sound gory as hell.

“As I Face Death” is a self-reflection. Thinking about having enough of it all. And having endured enough for a life time. But also a feeling of not living enough or not living enough to feel alive.

“Inescapable Lurking Void” builds up musically very well. Is also a fast song and has brutal Death Metal vocals. The song texts are in mostly Portuguese.

On the insert several passages of the Old and New Testament, the Koran and Gnosticism are stated. The last statement is taken from the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. And says that faith makes blessed and consequently it lies. The band is trying to proof that faith puts us in bondage and that we are subjected to false prophecies. Hence the name of the band; Abrahamic Liars.

The vinyl record was released by Genet Records after it was released digitally last year. Also compact discs and tapes will be made and sold.

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