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Firestone aim for a new tomorrow

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Firestone’s second album was released on vinyl and CD during the year 2000. The album is called “Aim For A New Tomorrow” and was released by Genet Records. When the new singer called Iris came into the band exactly is unknown. Sources like Vort’n Vis In The 90’s tell us their were a lot of line up changes in the band and especially the vocal department. This album is with Iris, a female singer. Lennart is the mainstay of this band. Still active in bands like Oathbreaker and AmenRa. Also Ward of Liar in the Murder Manifesto line up plays guitar on this album. Others are Mathieu (drums) and Diederik (bass). What follows is a review of some songs, focusing on music and lyrics.

We’re One is a criticism on nationalism. Nationalism is referred to as ‘he’. It’s a personification. In beginning of the lyrics the lyric writer tells us where ‘he’ lives, where ‘he’ is and what ‘he’ does. Nationalism is dividing, manipulating, killing and spreading. In the beginning of the text you don’t know what’s the subject immediately but interest is woken. Looking at and hearing nowadays news; the text is still and more than relevant. As she thinks we are one and nationality does not matter.

God’s Acre is a criticism on religion and dogmatism. It’s in that same line earlier H8000 bands, like Liar, have set. Thinking, she says, ought to be free and not dictated by God’s or masters, divine worship and submission. Religion is justification for bloodshed. Also blind obedience is feared, as it can never be undone. The intro of the song starts off with a bass line and light drumming, then the guitar kicks in. Also a melodic heavy metal part in the middle of the song with clean vocals. The screaming backing vocals create the angry atmosphere.

Silver Lining is an emotional, melodic song in the beginning. After a while the Heavy Metal part starts. Also guitar licks are played. The song is about the friendship and love that’s felt for a person.

Awoken starts with an ominous riff. Lyrics are in the same ominous vein. It’s about being under the influence of another. It’s not quite clear who exactly the bad influence was. It’s also about the anger and shame that’s felt for being racist in the past. Again an anti-racism song is written down. Musically a diverse song with melodic parts and fast parts also, with guitar licks woven into the whole.

Poison features Colin from Spineless on (backing-) vocals. Money personified as a greedy and destructive person. Also one the first songs of Liar as influence. “Battlecries” from the ‘Falls Of Torment’ on Good Life Recordings is definitely an influence.

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white vinyl, stamp numbered out of 69 copies

The Reaper

Sweetleaf is a personification of drugs. Sober minds aren’t clear any more, emotions pulled down, life becomes empty with sweetleaf. You become enslaved to him. He is a deceiver. But she tells that Straight-Edge people know who he is and how to fight it. Happiness will never be found by smoking drugs. Pondering drums introduce you to this anti-drugs song. An emotional, guitar-only part ends with the call to stand up a fight against it accompanied by harder music.

Shackled Soldier is about the consequences of war. Robots of the system kill entire towns. She also says mankind has an extinctive urge to conquer. People die and mothers weep. After war thousands of questions are left and no one knows why.

Rest In Peace

New Tomorrow also features Colin from AmenRa and Spineless. His vocals already sound lots like in his contemporary work. Lyrics end with a line of wisdom:

Let conscience be your guide… and aim for a new tomorrow.

Conclusion: the musicians choose in this album for an obvious Heavy Metal approach. What’s unusual for H8000 bands. As most of them play extremer Metal. Though together with the sound of the female vocal timbre, not that unusual. Lyrics are well written and are still relevant. The ethical and moral side are strong.

vinyl picture
pink vinyl, stamp numbered out of 36 copies
Firestone “New Tomorrow” from Aim For A New Tomorrow
Firestone “The Reaper” from Aim for A New Tomorrow

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