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Profound Integrity other 7 inch versions

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I like music and I think it’s of historical relevance. Hardcore might (still) mainly be about pioneering and this band might not have initiated a certain sound of music but they did bring the American Hardcore sound to European soil back in 1989.

Oh yeah, need to say that these guys such as the peeps in Rise Above were also dedicated to Straight-Edge and more or less in the same time-era 1. Another reason to get into it.

I now have two versions of the “Integrity” 7 inch by the band Profound the oldest and the most limited versions. Let’s start with the oldest version which is recognizable by the red ink dust sleeve stamp, telling us that this record is dedicated to Seein’ Red. Although this doesn’t confirm this as a first pressing, what does confirm this as one is the name of the label that released this. We all know the German label Crucial Response Records, well before operating under that name it was called Anti-Schelski Records 2:

And this is the proof of it being a first press. More pictures:

profound integrity vinyl 7 inch aniti schelski

The second version I got is a newer version but very limited; 70 copies with a silk screened sleeve and a separate lyric insert:

vinyl photo

There are also two coloured variations, namely yellow and red vinyl. If you care about European Hardcore you should definitely start collecting this one. Here’s a more detailed pressing info by the label. More information about the yellow Profound Integrity 7 inch version can be found on this site as well.

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In 1989 I decided to change the name of the label from Anti-Schelski Records to Crucial Response Records. Anti-Schelski Records was a sophisticated name to express my feelings against the conservative government in Germany which was a coalition between the Christ social and liberal party under chancellor Helmut Kohl at the time. Helmut Schelsky, a fundamental conservative sociologist, preached that the difference between the rich and the poor class would be become less and less. But the reality was quite the opposite. Instead of an ”y” I chose an ”i”, so I named the label Anti-Schelski Records in 1987. I can’t remember why I did this but I feared that the guy would sue me probably. Funny thing is that he already died in 1984 which I didn’t knew at the time. The change of the label name made sense for several reasons. Anti-Schelski was too sophisticated and Crucial Response Records is a more common name, it expressed very well how I felt about straight edge. At the same time it was also an appropriate name for running a hardcore label. The name Crucial Response was taken from a fanzine Marc Zeyen, a friend of mine and I was planning to do. I can’t remember if he already made the logo for the fanzine or if he designed the logo later on, but I ended up using the name Crucial Response for the label.

Anti-Schelski Records started in 1987 with the release of the Chronical Diarrhoea ”Royal Diarrhoea” 7” which was later released on a 12”EP. Anti-Schelski Records also released a 7” by Challenger Crew ”s/t” 7“, a band from the South of Germany, and a 7” compilation named ”Small Bands, Big Sound” with Anti-Toxin, Spermbirds and Crowd Of Isolated. The Profound ”Integrity” 7” was the last release on Anti-Schelski Records. The second pressing was already pressed under the new name Crucial Response Records.

Peter Hoeren (website Crucial Response Records)

At the time we put the Profound ”Integrity” 7” together there had been a lot of actitivity in Europe esp. when Youth Of Today were touring in the beginning of 1989. Betray, a young band from Amsterdam, decided to put out a 7” on Crucial Response Records. Marc Hanou, their bass player, was doing Revelation Records Europe at the time. I was eager to put out a record by ManLfitingBanner after Profound transformed into ManLiftingBanner

Peter Hoeren (website Crucial Response Records)

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  1. There's also a 'friends only' version of this 7″, on which on the front, the peace sign is replaced with a red hammer & sickle (communist symbol), revealing the true nature of this band.We did however play with them several times with Rise Above, we were friendly with them, but never friends.

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