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This record belongs in the long line of classic New York Hardcore records reissued by Bridge Nine. Previously released in 1989 by In Effect on black vinyl, this record captures the live energy of Agnostic Front at their home CBGB in New York city. Everybody should know that recently CBGB has closed doors. So with this a part of Hardcore history died. Luckily these recordings give an audio insight of how it truly was back then.

The sound of this live record is of real good quality and barely noticeable that it’s recorded from a soundboard for a performance. If not for the spoken parts, singalongs and applause one would never hear. It really has every classic on there. From the songs ‘Victim In Pain’, ‘Blind Justice’, ‘Your Mistake’ to everything else, this could be the sonic definition of NYHC from the 80’s for someone who never heard it.
With Vinnie Stigma on guitars and Roger Miret on vocals this is one of the longest lasting real Hardcore bands. And people from all over the world came to attend the show in NYC. Also for the second LP from 2006 that was recorded live in CBGB people came from all over the globe to check it. Only dedicated people stay in Hardcore and book a flights over the Atlantic to see them.
This however is the first LP recorded from the CBGB’s soundboard. And if you are involved in Hardcore for long or not it’s really essential and if you haven’t heard this you should really do now.
agnostic front live at cbgb vinyl lp nyhc bridge 9 records nine
Colors of vinyl and cover coincide perfectly
Embossed cover with the A.F. boots and American flag
Red, blue and white stripe vinyl of 300 copies
Printed inner sleeve with updated ads and words of explanation.
Live action shots and track list cfr. orignial pressing
Shot of the explanatory text
Anyway there are other colors too in circulation pressed by Bridge Nine, I think all of them are still for sale at their webstore. There is also an original listed on eBay for the moment!
Exhaustive list of other B9 reissues of classic NYHC sold a B9

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