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GLR: Sense Field / Onelinedrawing 12 Inch EP

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There was never ever featured Emo on RWHAF before. With Sense Field that was a Revelation and obviously also a Good Life band at the end-point, we definitely have a standard in the genre. Although they released on many more labels, Revelation and Good Life are the most obvious Hardcore labels in their discography. Sense Field was active from the mid 90’s up to the beginning of the 00’s…

While trying to complete the Good Life catalog I stumbled upon this record. I bought it at a bargain price at Good Life on black vinyl but it was just sat in my record boxes without notice for a few months. When I finally found a good moment to check the music out I put it on my turntable.

Listening to it, I was immediately carried away by the sensitive and clean vocals. But I also liked it for the whole of it. I’m usually a purist hardcore listener. Do not listen to much else. But this is truly fantastic emotional stuff. That is worthy of mentioning here for sure. And I needed to obtain the colored version for doing that. Not much damage here, found a fresh copy of Discogs for another bargain price.

I can’t immediately confirm or describe why I like this. I guess everybody has an emotional side and these emotions are appealed to by these songs. Like a welcome outlet for them. But then there’s the question of why exactly this stuff and not usual emotional rock or that proliferates the hit charts?

sensefield one line drawing lp vinyl red good life recordings

The answer is to be found I think in the fact that this music is rooted in punk-rock. It’s filled with passion and heartfelt melodies. Atmospheric guitar-work that creates floating sounds are also to be heard. But maybe it’s also the contrast with the usual aggressive emotions in Hardcore that speaks to me so much. It’s like a loosening of oppressed emotions by listening to grimy hardcore day in day out.

This record is actually a split between Sense Field and Onelinedrawing. It was previously released in 2000 in the USA on a 7 inch. This is the 12 inch ep version and has three more songs. It was pressed on vinyl in Europe only by Good Life Recordings in 2001.

I think the record looks damn fine and red vinyl was the best choice. It compliments the brown of the cover and forms a contrast with the blue robot.

Generally Good Life Recordings seems to keep me surprised with it’s diversity of releases and stubborn originality in the Hardcore genre. They didn’t follow the path of traditional Hardcore like sheep, they tried to bring innovation in the genre by cutting different genres like Emo, Metal, Rap into to mix. And so renewed the standards of it. This is exactly one aspect of the label that defines it so much…

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