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DAG NASTY Wig Out At Denkos LP Yellow


A record that I sought after quite a long time and finally added to my collection. The second full-length of the band DAG NASTY. As this is on Dischord Records you can assume that is Washington DC hardcore. This was originally released in 1987. It’s one of the classic’s made by the band. Not as classic as the first called “Can I Say”, but surely coming close.

Yellow vinyl is the only color version existing of this LP. Don’t know how many are made but  not that much as they appear rarely on the web for sale. It’s actually more seldom to see this one than the Minor Threat “s/t” and “Out Of Step” on color. So I’m proud to have this and add this to the Dischord colored reissues collection.

dag nasty wig out at denkos yellow vinyl lp dischord records

As Nico from Do Not Consider Yourself Free says, It would have been much more awesome with Dave Smalley instead of Peter Cortner. Fans of the band and of Dave Smalley had to wait until they reunited in 2002 and recorded “Minority Of One” for Revelation Records with him on vocals.

The more recent represses have alternate artwork with a bigger flame on them and a smaller ‘Wig Out At Denkos’ title printed on the cover. They are also once again remastered.

2 responses to “DAG NASTY Wig Out At Denkos LP Yellow”

  1. That's the one on Epitath… Will do once time is right Nico

  2. Anonymous

    Willem, check out Four On The Floor that came out in 1992. It has Dave Smalley on vocals. S.O.S. might be one of the best Dag Nasty songs.

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