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All Out War Destined To Burn

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This is the first All Out War 7 inch that was released by Hardway Records during the mid-nineties in France. It has three classical songs of which “Destined To Burn” is the title track. The other two songs “Fall From Grace” and “Resist” are featured on the b-side. All Out War are a band from state New York in the United States. The musical style they played was similar to their contemporaries who mixed Metal with Hardcore. What typifies their particular sound is that the metallic sound leans more towards that of their European brothers; Teutonic Metal. Like Kreator for example.

This band had and still has a strong connection with the Belgian scene, as they toured across Europe with Belgium’s Congress and Good Life Recordings pay rolled that tour.

All Out War “Destined To Burn” 7 inch on Hardway Records

The mindset of the record is dark. The visions Mike Score describes are apocalyptic. An ethical approach to the sinful and greedy side of people, countries and humanity.

“So I’ll try, try to shed a tear from my eyes but I can’t because my mind is filled with hate”

“It’s right before our eyes, drowning in a see of neglect”

The recordings and production of this record could be better. But still this is one of the most essential nineties Hardcore artefacts that you can find. This has been on my want list for ages, not that hard to find. Finally bought it and glad I did so…

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