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Hand Of Hope

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Due to a twist of faith or just coincidence this record was created so nicely. It’s a transition copy of the white version of the Hand Of Hope 12 inch. An introductory compilation of two Morning Again releases that Good Life released in 1996. The two releases compiled for the European crowd were previously only released in the United States. Those two are the “Cleanest War” and “self-titled” respectively by Conquer The World Records and Intention Records. Good thing Good Life Recordings did the job because nowadays Morning Again is still one the most popular American Hardcore bands over here in Belgium. Their releases are still sought after to this very day.

Here follows a small Q&A I did with Edward Good Life about this release:

Q: How did you got to know this band? Through records, a live-performance or did they send you a demo?
A: I got to know this band through being label mates on Conquer The World Records. My own band, Nations On Fire released our CD of Death Of The Pro-Lifer on that label also.

Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” compilation by Good Life Recordings

The Cleanest War was the first ep Morning Again recorded, with the songs “Turning Over”, “Remedy”, “America Online”, “Family Ties” and “Minus One”. Then they recorded the two songs “God Framed Me” and “Hand Of Hope”, those were the last ever recordings with Damien Moyal on vocals. You can hear a slight difference in style between the first five and the last two songs musically. Some of the lyrical content was visionary regarding the year it was written in.

transitional colour vinyl from pure white to grey marbled

Although Damien doesn’t do vocals for recent recordings any more he still did vocals for a comeback show at Ieperfest in 2014.

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