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Underground Society the other side

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Underground Society is a Hardcore band from the KDS Crew scene in the East of France. This post features two different versions of their record “The Other Side”. Underground Society plays on this record a blend of Hardcore styles. They combine Old School Hardcore combined with metallic guitar licks.

First version is the black that was released by Hardside Records. This must have been the first pressing as it has the original address of Hardside Records on it. It also has a white paper insert. And the vinyl has a small spindle hole. See photo’s below:

Underground Society “The Other Side” 7 inch
Harside Records address
double sided insert on white paper

Next version is the blue vinyl version with a large spindle hole and it has the Overcome Records address glued over it by means of a sticker. Also the insert changes, it has a different layout and has the Overcome logo on it also. The insert also becomes on blue paper. See photo’s below:

Underground Society “The Other Side” blue vinyl
blue paper insert, different layout and Overcome Sticker as address on sleeve

I got the blue version in the year 1997 or 1998, I don’t really remember exactly. Also don’t know at what show I have bought it. But it’s one of the first 7 inches I owned and still have.

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