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World Collapse LP and 7inch


When I need something to cheer me up or distract me from troubles I always turn on my laptop and read the blog content of my fellow bloggers. To see such dedicated people with mutual interests really cheers me up. I think record collecting blogs are truly awesome and although I’m not a pure sang, since I also post interviews, reviews and such, collecting records is my passion still and one of the only things that puts life into me.

As you already noticed I follow Reaper Records close-by and although not every release is top, there’s something in that label that keeps me going and interested, maybe it’s the same passion for Hardcore and the same dedication as my blogger colleagues that makes me stick to it.
The following release is an a-typical Reaper Records release. It’s their 7th release that previously only came out on CD and now is issued on vinyl. The LP release is titled “Deutschland, Deutschland, Into The Night”. And I never heard it before, although it was available since years.
There are two things that need to be discussed about the release, music and packaging. Don’t know where to begin. But as you probably already know this is a unique mix of Wave and Hardcore. Many will think and claim that these are not to be combined. Honestly that’s what I thought also, being a tad puristic. But to say it in short, it  is a well-succeeded marriage. Although being influenced by Germany’s Kraftwerk doesn’t make you hard, I think it’s an awesome release and a welcome breath of music. But that’s about it I feel. This will never go in history’s records or lead to a totally new genre in Hardcore. But sometimes it’s just because it sounds good.
The packaging is awesome and well taken care of as usual. The owl symbolizes the dark side but also wisdom, at least in our culture. I also like the Photoshop effect in the eyes on the printed inner. And not to speak of that thick vinyl that reflects the colors of the German national flag. Anyway I took some pictures to show it.
world collapse into the night lp color vinyl
National flag of Germany made in vinyl
I’d give this packaging a 9/10 score. And the music a little less. But what’s better in music are the new tracks of the band. These were pressed on a 7 inch. These are a tad harder and I like those more. But that not the only reason I think these are better. The music’s also faster at times, what I also prefer more.
Have a look at that packaging, totally different than the standard hardcore layout. 
world collapse frost casket 7 inch white vinyl reaper records
Heavy paper dust-sleeve with eyes printed on
Cover is orange on the inside
Gold relief “The Shadow Records” above the usual Reaper logo
Limited to 200 on black vinyl
It seems like Reaper hinted the fact that it’s not a usual release of them by overprinting their logo with gold relief letters. There’s not a single element of the layout that hasn’t been thought over by the designers.  
Surprising release, that is to be considered in the background of the huge influence the electronic music from Kraftwerk had over the entire globe. With this release even in Hardcore. Also hinting the German roots of the owner of the label Reaper Records.
Probably not your cup of tea but I thought of it worthy of reviewing here.

3 responses to “World Collapse LP and 7inch”

  1. Very interesting Willem. I've been wanting to hear this

  2. The 7 inch with the new tracks is better.

  3. Gave it a listen, wow that is terrible…. I'll be skipping this one 🙂 Packaging is nice though

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