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Angry With The Sun

cover digipack

Angry With The Sun is the album when Congress were in their most popular phase. And logically the scene where they came from was also at it’s peak. It was in the year of 1998 when Good Life Recordings released this full length. “Not only Edge-Metal kids danced to this music but also Old School kids loved the songs”, Josh stated in the third part of the interview I did with him.

Musicaly these New School Metalcore songs became more balanced again. The dark Black Metal influenced riffs for which the Blackened Persistance is well known for, were made more accesible by adding a touch of traditional New York Hardcore heaviness.

I needed to get a great condition copy of the black version of the LP version of Angry With The Sun. Discogs has several opportunities to get one. So the question becomes, which seller has the best condition copy? Hard to know since records aren’t pictured of that site. And rookies tend to overgrade their stuff also.

I succeeded in getting one and surprisingly the seller was a long time reader and follower of this blog, he told me.

Congress “Angry With The Sun” LP black vinyl
Angry With The Sun LP back cover

Still have to publish the third and last part of the interview I did with Josh Fury of Congress. Stay tuned!

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