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One Life Crew


One Life Crew was a band from Cleveland, Ohio that played mostly in de mid-nineties. They were and still are pretty controversial for various reasons. They were signed to Victory Records at that time but got kicked off the label. And the records that Victory Records pressed for this release were all destroyed short after the release. So this black copy is one of the records that didn’t get destroyed. One can assume that the colored copies (mint green) got sold first and that these black one might even be rarer.

The reasons they got kicked of the label are mysterious. Some say it’s because of some of the lyrical content of this record, some say it’s because they assaulted an attending kid during a live show.

The one thing that can be verified is the lyrical content of this record, since I have the lyrics that come with it…

Some of the content of the lyrics is still actual in American society, lyrics deal with illegal immigration of millions every year inside the USA. But they act against racism also. And they refer to the American constitution as a mean to empower each individual to compel change with equal authority. And that with these rights also comes responsability. They also demand absolute intolerance for those who display blatant disrespect for this system by commiting terrorist attacks.

As you can read, this could have been published yesterday in the newspapers. But remember that this record was made in the year 1995.

This band represents gang style Hardcore. And the way they formulate their opinions is not that diplomatic, correct or polite. They might be considered dumb by many or considered right-wing and that leads to friction within the world wide Hardcore scene.

One Life Crew “Crime Ridden Society” LP black vinyl
One Life Crew “Crime Ridden Society” LP back side cover

After they got kicked of Victory Records they released the American Justice CD. They started to become more disrespectful of Straight-Edge and Veganism and Hardcore in general. As they felt misunderstood by those people. I see on Discogs that they released some other titles but I haven’t checked them out.

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