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Backstabbers were a Hardcore band from the scene in Brussels, Belgium. The band has members from other more renown bands from the same scene. I was introduced to the band by ODK Steve because he knew I was into Length Of Time. He let me hear their CD in the ODK Skateshop way back in 1998. I liked it then and wanted a copy but never found one.

Nowadays the sound of the band doesn’t impress me as much as it did when I was a kid. Has it’s stood the test of time as much as the H8000 scene of Belgium? I think not. They played a more typical groovy and heavy type of Hardcore in vein of the New York bands from the late eighties to early nineties.

The record is released by Hardway Records, that’s Stephan Kickback’s label. It was their last release. Since it’s a 10 inch this has been sitting in my collection between some LP’s for ages. I forgot all about it and stumbled upon it lately. Definitely worth a mention on this blog…

Backstabbers s/t 10 inch
Backstabbers s/t 10 inch back side cover

The band members photo’s were replaced by photo’s of famous gangsters (from the movie The Godfather?), which is kinda funny.

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