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BUILDING In Time We’ll Grow 7 inch

A record from the Sober Mind Records catalog doesn’t come by that often. This is a version I never knew existed until I saw one in real life in someone else’s collection. This usually is the case with records from that label. Exact pressing info isn’t provided on the web nor in a book. Even Discogs is unreliable for this label.

Anyway, here’s another version that I found in the list of Nico from Do Not Consider Yourself Free blog. That’s where he mentions his recent pick-ups. It’s a fine-looking cover that’s numbered out of 100 copies. And the record comes on white vinyl. The dark red and gold in the layout match perfectly.
building in time we will grow 7 inch white vinyl sober mind record

Building was a band that played straight-edge hardcore. They hailed from Antwerp, a province in Belgium. When I re-listened to this record I find them to play a pretty intense and an outspoken youth-crew style. Pretty similar to Floorpunch. The gang-vocals and the typical bass-lines in the beginning of songs or in breakdowns are present.

They were actually very dedicated kids back then. Almost every song deals directly with the Straight-edge way of life. There’s also a vegetarian song featured on the record. As you probably know, Building had Paco on vocals, you know him from True Colors for sure.

#29 / 100

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