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The Damned, Shamed Records of TERROR

No interesting talk in this post. Just pure collector’s delight. And that is it, adding a record to my growing Reaper Records collection… I’m talking about the long ago released Terror ‘Blood Tracks’ demo. This one has demo tracks for the full-length that Century Media released on CD and on black vinyl. Oddly Reaper Records also released the “The Damned, The Shamed” album on a 12 inch, that picture disc you know.

This copy I recently got is one of the rarer version of that single, one with a red ink stamp on it. These copies were sold at United Blood 2011. Quite a while after the initial release.

Must say it looks quite fine and it’s a perfect condition copy it seems. So I’m happy.

terror blood tracks demo united blood reaper record
Terror “Rise Of The Poisoned Youth” Blood tracks demo 7 inch
Terror demo UNITED BLOOD 2011 stamp (20 copies exist)

Terror is a Los Angeles band, so they paid homage to Suicidal Tendencies with this cover. There are also two first press colors, orange and silver / black swirl. And logically a regular clear second press also exists.

terror blood tracks demo 7 inch collection color reaper records
The records pressed by Reaper Records

The picture disc I was talking about looks like this on the B-side and comes with the biggest double-sided poster I’ve seen. The original picture used for the artwork of the test pressing… That I regret trading away – to a lucky person – so much nowadays. I wasn’t completely aware back then that Reaper Records is the label I want to collect! Lessons learned and will never again happen as long as I’m alive…

And that Century Media LP ain’t much to look at, just a weak link in the chain of records around these same songs…

The Century Media version
Terror “The Kings Of Hardcore”
All of the releases together.

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  1. in my opinion the century media black vinyl release looks better than reaper picture disc. but just because i hate picture discs. you're right, it seems odd that reaper did a picture disc for this and no proper colour release. a damn shame!


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