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Collecting Solely H8000 Music

On a day, not so long ago, I decided somehow and somewhere to solely collect H8000 records. That being thought I called a lot of people who are online in Europe to sell or trade me their H8000 music on all formats by putting an add on various message-boards. This was a surprisingly cool thing to do. And the reactions I got were numerous. So here’s the scoop of the vinyl I got to take along in my grave:

spirit of youth 7 inch blue vinyl st abyss crucial response second press record vinyl h8000

Definitely a record with a lot of myth around it. This is actually the first vinyl release of Spirit Of Youth And this blue vinyl is out of 200 and is from the second pressing.

liar family of dog split 7 incg limited cover numbered genet records h8000

Believe it or not, but there’s actually also an ultra-limited version of this record that came with this H8Zine. I didn’t know that, so I was ultra grateful to the guy who sold it to me. A very cool guy who was kind enough to meet me at the railway station in Bruges. This is the Liar and Family Of Dog split 7 inch, stamp-numbered out of 34. And as you can see, fully DIY and probably xeroxed.

nations of fire burn again colored numbered pressing strive music red blue double 7 inch

I have this record already a longer time, but I haven’t come by to post it here. Also on Strive Music, as are the regular versions of the “Strike The Match” LP. Cool records, cold blue and warm red, numbered. I have never seen another version of this one, except for black.

This is also a Nations On Fire record. And has a very funny sleeve. It is a real envelope, that has glue on it, so that you can seal it forever, which I will not do. I saw it in a trade list under the name “Non Smokers”. So I immediately jumped on this one because I never heard of it before and since I want to know everything about Nations On Fire I bought it.

When I opened it I realized that the release isn’t totally new for me, I already had the same record but then with another cover, that was printed for a show in K-Town (at the Pits to be more precise). You can buy the one with that different and more limited cover at !

inside front compilation good life regression shrotsight liar congress b side 7 inch

The V/A Inside Front 7″ from Good Life Recordings. It features H8000 bands that were on the label in the year 1996, namely Regression, Shortsight, Congress and Liar.

A record I didn’t know the existence of. I learned it came with a zine. But the seller didn’t want to part with it, and I respected that. On the end of the negotiations, the record came with a hateful email as a bonus. haha!

rise above st 7 inch limited cover numbered 100 copies beat it the real deal H8000 straight edge Belgium

Last but certainly not least, the limited version of the first Rise Above 7 inch. Cover made by Hans, as the early readers of my blog already know. Very honoured and glad to have this first Straight-Edge record of Belgium. To read everything about Rise Above, just click here. This is the real magic!

spirit of youth source LP green grey gray black vinyl colors Sober Mind Records H8000 Belgium straight edge

All colours of the Spirit Of Youth LP on Sober Mind Records. Pretty sweet to have these. You can read further about this record on H8000 Central. And there will come interviews with the band, whether on this blog or for the H8000 Book. I’d rather do it for the book actually…

spirit of youth one king down lp test press good life recordings 1998

Another Spirit Of Youth record. Actually a test press, that you can snatch on CD also here… A very inspiring split between two influential labels from the nineties; Good Life Recordings and Equal Vision Records. Two bands from different continents united for one time only.

This test press is numbered, and is very cool to have, it is my first and only test press I own from Good Life Recordings.

nations on fire death of the pro lifer LP genet records belgium H8000

Then comes another Nations On Fire record, from an antipode straight to my collection. I already got the CD as a gift from Edward but I figured I needed the vinyl version also and I’m glad I did, because there is, as on the CD, a discography of Nations on Fire on it. And it almost compliments the discography on the CD. I mean  there are other records mentioned on it.

That aside, a delicate matter is discussed on this record, which is also the fare-well release of the band. The vinyl version is on Genet Records and the CD version on Conquer The World Records.

spineless a talk LP purple vinyl limited sober mind records

Holy Grail! The most limited version of the Spineless full length. The copy I have is warped, but they weren’t made to play, so I can live with it. I see there’s also some other wax in it. And I have a great assumption that the transitional copies of this baby must be very, very beautiful. I reviewed this one here.

Liar deathrow earth LP limited Thor cover Good Life recordings

Another Holy Grail. But this time made by Ed Good Life. This is the limited Thor Cover edition of Liar’s most dark output, Deathrow Earth. As with other records, I never thought I’d find this one. I paid a lot for this baby but don’t regret a penny… Read more on H8000 Central.

congress angry with the sun LP pink vinyl good life h8000

Another limited version of a record. This is the pink waxed “Angry With The Sun” LP on Good Life Recordings. I really like the cover art of this one. Still available straight from the label as a picture disc also.

congress ressurection LP clear vinyl eye spy records good life license

And then a one of a kind version of the final Congress LP, “Resurrection”. Not on Good Life anymore, but on Eye Spy Records.

Numbered on the vinyl label!

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