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Golden Bullet CD: 90’s Metalcore In The Year 2010

I never saw Golden Bullet live and did not even know this band existed. But a few days ago I was informed by the Good Life newsletter about the existence of this. I read that these blokes came from the H8000 area and that is listening to this brought a reminder of All Out War, Congress and Length Of Time. Since I was very into this stuff in the 90’s (and still actually) I needed no further push to order this.

The artwork is in the very same style of the first LOT lp. I suppose they used the same book as source or something. I totally like that kind of artwork. The style of the cover and booklet only (biblical imagery all over), hint the kind of music.

So I put it in my compact disc player and was surprised again. This music is in the very fine tradition of the late 90’s metalcore sound and they play it well and restrained also with a clean recording sound.

Surprised to hear that people still make this kind of music! And that they actually know these 90’s bands and that they are inspired by these. I do not know how old these people are, but who cares, I’m really inspired by their music. Listening to this creates space in my head and purifies. Brought back some mosh pit memories from when I saw Length Of Time and All Out War live also!

Is surprisingly on a label of the Netherlands, namely Crossfirecult Records.

It is still available everywhere, so if you are new to the genre and don’t feel like paying to much to hear this kinda of music by buying OG stuff, I certainly recommend you this. But also if you are a fanatic of late nineties violent, dark themes and groovy, enticing metalcore riffs, you won’t be let down.

PS: I might go in depth for this release, but only if some people ask for it!

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