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Spineless Demo Cassette

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The demo of Spineless was recorded in the end of 1996. The first song starts with a religious chant which gets violently interrupted by distorted guitars. The lyrics are a quote from another author. In this text there is described how a devil appeared before a person. The devil is described in full detail what makes it realistic. All about the ethical struggles people had with religion back then. And the hardship they faced by following those catholic morals. And the distance they wanted to take away from it. Not outspoken satanic but still questioning the moral standards. “Enter The Devil” was later rerecorded for the H8000 Compilation Volume 1.

The second song “Demons Are Forever” is an unreleased track, you can’t hear it elsewhere. I can’t tell what it is about or what they meant with the text. It is rather cryptic.

Then comes “Mean”. It is a more concrete song that is about drug free life. Straight-Edge was a huge topic back then.

Finally the song “Greed” that deals with poverty from all around the world. While in our regions people take everything for themselves.

cassette photo
CMD sticker

As you can see, the “CMD” abbreviation already was used in the demo stage. It’s the name of the crew they were in. Stands for “Courtrycke Mosh Division”. With “Courtrycke” being the old Flemish for “from Kortrijk”…

The Spineless demo is a local highly desired music cassette. Don’t know what’s up with that abroad but here’s a chance to get to know it by listening and reading the lyrics. Also the next generation who will probably never get a chance to own this now can hear it. Also not to mention the amount of copies that got lost and the highly limited amount made… Thanks to Dimitri Heymans again for the cooperation! Enjoy!

Spineless demo 1996: Enter The Devil
Spineless demo 1996: Demons Are Forever
Spineless demo 1996: Mean
Spineless demo 1996: Greed
Spineless demo 1996: Outro

The demo has been reissued and made available again by Inhale Records in the year 2020.

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  1. F'in brilliant! My copy got lost, when moving houses, 5 years ago. Good to get a chance to listen this one again. I bought it in Zwevegem, around '96, I guess.

  2. nice to read some new stuff of you, willem! making good prgress with your new page?

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