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While I was flipping through my Good Life Recordings collection, I came across two SHELTER LP’s. Although licensed to REALITY RECORDS who did these LP versions. Definitely noteworthy to post about this. You know the band that came after Youth Of Today. Originated in the NYHC scene. No need to introduce this, as you already know this band.

Probably one of the most notorious and most outspoken bands in Hardcore that embrace Krishna philosophy. Anyway what I think is odd, is that they became a Good Life band somewhere in the midst of the previous decade. That’s at least 15 years after their first and about 6 years after their second last release.

As we all know Good Life is a very divers label. Has pure metal releases as well as true Straight-edge hardcore and anything in between. They also released in 2006 the album called ‘Eternal’ on their label. This release however leans more to punk rock. They ended up on Good Life because Ray Cappo approached the CEO of the label while they weren’t so popular in The States as in Europe. Ray and Ed were long time connected already before this release.

The record was recorded in the USA with Dave Dicenso on drums who also played in bands like the Cro-Mags. And the tour for this record was with people from The Netherlands.

I have the CD version as well as the two colors on vinyl. It exists on clear with blue splatter and solid yellow. Nice looking things if you ask me.

shelter eternal lp vinyl color good life reality record

As you can see, the one with the price tag I bought in a – now deceased – record shop. Nice coincidence that it was on another color. A fact that I discovered only years later because I kept that one sealed, but became curious after the color.

Anyway, cool album worth checking out…

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  1. I have the clear with blue splatter version. I do actually give this record a spin every now and again, is not that bad at all

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