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INTEGRITY Systems Overload

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Systems Overload,
a cult classic since it’s original release on Victory records from 1995 , now has undergone the reissue scheme of Organized Crime Records. After debut EP In Contrast Of Sin and Those Who Fear Tomorrow it was time for the next runner up. Systems Overload has been pressed once more for the coven to enjoy and to educate those who haven’t heard the news of the end of the world yet.

integrity systems overload reissue lp white vinyl organized crime records
System Overload MMXII

Organized Crime Records started reissueing classic INTEGRITY albums a while ago and has now chosen to follow that path further by doing almost the entire back catalogue. Number three in line is Systems Overload, one of the albums that defines INTEGRITY and displays their talent and diversity even more than their earlier work.

Magic of the flash camera reveals the arcane tracks

Most of you freaks already know this album word by word so i won’t even bother to discus tracks.
If you haven’t already heard it then i can only recommend you to get out of that cave you been living in,
purchase this record and play it as loud as bearable. It holds all the songs that will make you clench your fist and throw it in the air, shout at the walls or the person closest near you. I’m talking epic tracks such as
Systems Overload, Jimson Isolation, Grace Of The Unholy,… to much too mention.

Dwid goes back to the nineties

Clint at Organized Crime Records has gone all the way once again by releasing three versions of this rerelease. Next to the possibility to order a package deal containing the 7″ by DIE HARD alongside the INTEGRITY release and/or a T-shirt by one of the forementioned bands, there was room for three different colorways of vinyl.
A limited run of 225 white vinyls, 800 red vinyls and 320 clear with black swirls was placed on the world wide market known as the internet for us all to devour. The clear with black swirls even comes with a limited cover.

crappy picture of the poster

A rerissue mostly means all the same old songs brought to you in a fresh printed and pressed version of the original cover and vinyl. Not with OCR, for this release the centerpiece still remains the songs on this slab of vinyl, but with a new endmix of the album, since the original mix wasn’t the best according to Aaron Melnick who tells the story of why and how in the added insert. On the other side of the insert we find a lyricsheet and an additional poster is added too, on one side depicting a picture of Dwid and the album cover for promotional purposes, the other side being an old styled poster showing a tale of the Armenian persecution. Also included is a digital download card to redeem those bits and bytes for free.

Armenian Persecution, not just a track

The album artwork has been redone, it still holds the same imagery, just a bit different than we’re used to.
The lack farnish printing has been used again to print the tracks on the backcover, very nice and aesthetic but hard to read in low light conditions. But those who own this album don’t need tracklistings since they know this album through and through.

My copy has a small black swirl, dirt or transitional?

Systems Overload deserves a place in your collection, if it isn’t there yet, then get it, if it is, an additional copy
of this magnificent album never hurts, so get it now.

Integrity skull

I’m already looking forward to future reissues such as Humanity Is The Devil and Seasons In The Seize Of Days who are rumored to appear soon on OCR. Keep your eye out on them and sleep with one eye open
cause this record may change your live.


3 responses to “INTEGRITY Systems Overload”

  1. Awesome post! Although I think you may have got mixed up with who works at Organized Crime, Dom doesn't seem right to me…

  2. You are right, changed it, got some people mixed up here, late night posting is never good!

  3. The live picture side of the poster is actually a remake of the original victory records promo poster for that record.

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