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Early BLINDFOLD Live Recordings TAPES

Obviously there are two versions of the BLINDFOLD Live In Simple Beauty TAPE. This tape was released by REFUSE Records from Poland. And has the first 2 seveninches from Blindfold, as you already know, the DEPROGRAMMERS DON’T EXIST 7″ and the SOBERMIND MEDITATION 7″ but also the song from the legendary V/A Regress No Way on Warehouse Records. All these songs are on one side and the other side has a live performance with song introductions from Wim, the vocalist!

blindfold live in a simple beauty cassette tape versions refuse records poland

Don’t ask me which one is the more limited version, I have no idea!

It’s a really well made tape that has a fold out thick paper insert with live pictures and a text written by Wim and also the lyrics to the live performance and the translation to Polish of these lyrics. Essential tape as this is probably the only live recording of BLINDFOLD from that period.

Also know that I’m still missing the yellow version of their last LP, also a live recording but then years later in the Vort’n Vis.

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