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Play It Again Sam mis press (Rise Above)


The P.I.A.S. pressing is a totally rare version of the first Rise Above 7 inch.

P.I.A.S. stand for Play It Again Sam.

The record is out of the 20 copies existing range. And maybe you say, that’s a record I have also but this isn’t exactly true. Look at this:

rise above punk etc 7 inch play it again sam records vinyl label mispress

And then look at this:

That all about this one for now! Will make a post with the entire pressing story soon, will be asking those who know about it. To do a feature on my blog!! Stay tuned….

Here is a photo of a Dutch letter Edward from Rise Above wrote to Werner and Manfred with some information about the P.I.A.S. pressing:

It says that there are 26 copies. They were saved from the pressing plant after the rest got destroyed. Play It Again Sam wasn’t the label of the release and so this is a mis pressing. And the 2000 other copies, so were destroyed.

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