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Fire And Ice flexi

Glad to see Reaper Records is back at it. They just released a two track flexi by Fire And Ice. The flexi disc is on white vinyl and comes with a cover and a lyrics sheet the same size as the cover. I listened to the songs and I am pleasantly surprised, the songs are real good and better than on their LP in my opinion. They sound less groovy and heavy but that’s what improved these songs. They sound more lively and fresh. The groove and heaviness were a bit exaggerated, it dragged down their delivery, I think. Now they have found the perfect proportions.

Fire And Ice “Flex”
Fire And Ice “Flex”
Fire And Ice two-track flexi disc

It is currently only available in the USA at the Reaper Records webstore and RevHQ. Don’t know if it will become available in Europe. Will depend on sales. I bought three copies to save on shipping, if someone from over here wants one, hit me up! I am in a generous mood…

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  1. I love Fire & Ice, so I obviously need to hear this…but a flexi? Such a terrible format. I'm not sure that I can bring myself to buy a copy.

  2. If you weren't in the States,I would have sent it to you. I do have a download coupon code if you would like to hear it, Mike.


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