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After you got spoiled with coverage of the knowledge based on records of the Belgian Hardcore Punk scene of the 90’s here on this blog, it’s is time for a treat equally interesting and important; the live performance side of the 90’s punk scene here in Belgium. That as you already know was centered in the Vortn’ Vis in Ieper, West-Flanders!

The blog matter is completely based on the actual shows that took place there during the 90’s with the exact dates and flyers mentioned and pictured. And also features the guestbook pages with there in written the comments of bandmembers that played the show. That’s something totally cool and unique.

Besides that idea of using the guestbook I also think they contacted those involved or of meaning for other anecdotes about that certain show and let them comment and write something.

A brilliant concept if you ask me and an informative look inside the core of the punk scene in Belgium. Also for the legendary 8000-crew shows that took place there…

Totally worth a visit if you ask me…

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