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GRIM Band Q&A about the Demo 2012

The band GRIM is a four-piece that spawned from the melodic hardcore band REBUILD and the groove-oriented old-school band GET WISE. Three of them come out of the East of Belgium, Limburg, while the vocalist hails from the province Antwerp.

A few Q&A’s to get to know this band better:
You guys only have a demo, when did you start jamming together and decided to record a demo?

In the momentary line-up we are rehearsing since April. If memory serves the first show we did was in May. We decided to record a demo in July, while it was put online in September and later on released by LIVE AND LEARN Records in November as cassette. The band copies are already sold out and the label has a few left.

Do you want to share any more details on how you got together and form band?

 met Gijs in de 4-day tour he did with his band Rebuild together with Conviction. We started talking and and discovered that we both wanted to start a heavier hardcore band. That’s when and where the idea sprouted. It didn’t take long to start jamming together, after I asked Stef form Get Wise and Trapped Inside to drum in heavier band also. There-after we found a bass-player after searching a while.  It was Dirk and with his joining we started writing the Demo.

Cool! To which bands do you guys look up to? And what do you consider to be influential on the sound you deliver?

I think it’s safe to say that FOUNDATION’s very important especially to Gijs. But also the more recent bands like EXPIRE and SOUL SEARCH are inspiring to what we did in the beginning. Later on we wanted to add more metal to the sound and bands like SEPULTURA, OBITUARY and LEEWAY gained more influence. 

That’s a very clear view upon your creation! With a lot of self-knowledge too. But now on to the lyrical part. Very dark lyrics. Is it to write down what you think and to get it of your back?

I write down what darkness I feel and this is fitted with the music we make.

I also feel the harsh character and self-punishing way of your thoughts. Especially in the songs “(I Have A) Deathwish”. But also a lot on the suicidal trip in the song “Catharsis” and in the artwork, the noose and all.

The majority of the lyrics deal with the search for happiness and the fact that it’s not able to be found. I feel the urge to seek appreciation with other fueled by self-hate and that seems to scare people away. The feeling of giving for others and not being cared for in return, although not with the same intensity.

Personally I totally dig this band, I can relate to the lyrics a lot. And the music is a very good delivery of well-placed breakdowns here and there and ideal-paced pounding of drums and riffs. That’s why I posted this here.

Note: The questions were asked by FF by email and answered by Kristof the vocalist!

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