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SUPERTOUCH Record Store Day 2012

Let’s start this one of with a picture. Because this one is one you probably have never seen before. It was never for sale online, since the entire stock of the record went to GENERATION RECORDS STORE in NYC…

supertouch lost my way generation records rsd record store day vinyl 7 inch reaper records
Limited edition cover with black vinyl

It’s a limited edition out of 70 copies only and is numbered on the back of the sleeve.

Back of the cover, made blue for this edition.
All the info is mentioned along on the sleeve. Hand numbered

So obviously I wasn’t on vacation in NYC on Record Store Day. I traded to get it… And it came in the mail just today.

The person I got it from though, was in NYC when it was for sale at Generation Records on RSD 2012 and Supertouch was playing a free show in the basement of the building.

Wish I was there…

PS: Would be much cooler if the vinyl was the first press aqua blue with this cover. Would have fitted so perfectly!

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