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LIAR The Finishing Touches

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Had the opportunity to further complete that devilish Liar collection. Two more limited records were added. Not every day one has the chance to own a Liar TEST PRESS. But one grateful day it happens. 

It’s the testpressing made for Alveran Records to test the sound of the LIAR’s HELL 12inch. Compared to other Liar releases not such a renown release of the band but still a good one.

Test press #29 out of 64 copies in total
Came in a black DJ-sleeve

As you can see also not so limited as a usual test press, certainly for those times it was released in. For those who can’t imagine from which release this is the test press, I ‘ll give you a hint:

The second addition is a limited edition of the LIAR / FAMILY OF DOG split 7 inch. It was pressed to come with the final H8 Zine. Obviously they took the opportunity to make a quick limited edition. It’s an easily made copied sleeve. Just tear off a piece of cardboard and write a text on it. And then add to the collage a live-shot of Hans and UJ in action and your almost done. Just need to add a stamp on it in blue ink. The usual Sober Mind and Genet Records stamp.

What makes it cool it ofcourse the limited amount, 034 copies is very little and the reason why one almost never comes by this record. Also cool in my case is the early number and the fine condition of the vinyl. Anyway have a look yourself:

liar family of dog vinyl 7 inch limited edition genet record h8000

But it’s actually a very fine piece of wax as the music was pretty brutal for that era. Family Of Dog brings on this one a raw version of two of their songs obviously sounding different than on the CD. “Bloodride 666” is obviously a warning for the speed devils on the road and Payback is one of those bestial urges we have. The voice of Tom never sounded so evil as on these recordings.

Liar brings us a classical song “Grave” and an SSD cover called “Teach Me Violence” a fast song that can easily be used in a combat training.

Add these two to this collection and I know I’m good… Just missing some one of a kinds and who knows I might be there.

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