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MORNING AGAIN: Recordings With Damien

Did you know that the Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” LP on Good Life is actually a compilation of two different recordings? Two recordings for two different American labels actually? Well it was. The first recordings were for Conquer The World Records and were released as a 12″ ep in 1996 in various pressings. It was called “The Cleanest War” and looked like this:

morning again the cleanest war lp conquer the world record vinyl

Then the final recordings with Damien Moyal were released by Intention Records on a two-song 7 inch. Don’t know much about the pressing info. It had the songs ‘Hand Of Hope’ and ‘God Framed Me’ on the A-side and B-side. And had the artwork that was used for the Good Life compilation.

morning again hand of hope vinyl 7 inch clear intention record

Together these two releases have seven songs, the seven songs from the “Hand Of Hope” LP on Good Life. This LP so can be seen as the European pressing of these songs…


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