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Colored DISCHORD Records Additions

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This post is meant for the collectors. I recently gathered the to my knowledge last missing color of the classic 4 seveninches LP of DISCHORD records. Or also called “The Year In Seveninches” or “4 Old Seveninches On A 12inch”. Whatever it’s called, it are truly classic songs up there. It has all the early, highly collectible and sought after releases of DISCHORD Records. The original 7″s of these records are way beyond my financial capabilities or I can only buy one 7″ a year if I’d badly wanted it. Which seems like an impossible idea…

For the kids reading there are also the two Minor Threat records called “s/t” and “In My Eyes” that are legendary enough to form an LP with those ep’s respectively on A-side and B-side on it’s own. Definitely worth checking if you want to know what formed the foundations the straight-edge community in hardcore punk.

In the beginning of this blog I wrote this post about the colored reissue LP’s on Dischord this post about the colored reissue LP’s on Dischord, had quite a few already. Maybe it’s time to update that collection picture. As I have a few unmentioned more.

various the year in seveninches four old seveninches on a twelve inch lp vinyl dischord blue

I already had the green vinyl in the pocket a while ago. And the clear also, that was actually the earliest color I know about. So the trinity looks like this:

varios artists the year in seveninches four old seveninches on a twelve inch vinyl lp color dischord records

Let’s hope the label doesn’t go too wild in color pressings as I have to bring these over from the USA…

So this was it, if you know other colors of this release, let me know please…! If you know the release year of these colors, I’d appreciate you sharing. Thanks!!!

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  1. Hello mcs! Yep I already got word of another color (the second colored press) of this V/A Lp from Nico W. If you want a picture of it LMK and I'll shoot you a link. So there are 4 colors of this one… The Void I ordered also, real sweet layout (warm colorscheme) with lots of photo's. Maybe I will make a post about this one too…

  2. I don't know of any other colours of this one. But there are a couple of extra colour Dischord records available now:Void demos LP on redOne Last Wish LP on clearI'm going to order them myself shortly….

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