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Making Limited Editions: Lesson #1

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Time for a word of criticism on the European limited edition of the newest TERROR LP. First of all, cool that they make something limited and that they numbered it. But who gives about a totally limited…. shrinkwrap. Because that’s what they just did. Imagine a enthusiastic kid getting this in the mail: The first thing he does is willing to listen to this record, he tears of the shrinkwrap and there goes our numbered limited edition! It ends up straight in the garbage can…

Anyway I’m puzzled by this, I can’t open this record, because the numbering is on the part of the shrinkwrap that tears the easiest. Or should I try to get this sticker off and put it on the sleeve itself?

There is a lesson to be learned, if you want to make something limited for the future you need to make it durable.

I’m sure over the years all of the record will loose that numbering, unless you keep it sealed. They should have torn off that shrink and stuck that sticker on the sleeve…

4 responses to “Making Limited Editions: Lesson #1”

  1. Yeah that's a possibility also! with a hairdryer loosening the glue and sticking it on the sleeve… But who besides me will care for that?

  2. If it was me Willem I'd take the sticker off and either stick it on the album itself or on another polysleeve. I can see what you mean though, that is annoying as hell.

  3. Yes mcs, also a possibility. I think I will keep it sealed, this one is clear red vinyl (sold as) and there are 5 other colors in the first pressing that I can open and enjoy! That being said, I can't believe they actually pressed 6 different LP's in one pressing. Will post soon about the other 5 colors…

  4. Sticker on shrinkwrap = awful idea.I actually keep all stickers that are on the shrinkwrap of LPs I get. If a sticker comes on the shrinkwrap, I keep it. What I do is remove the shrinkwrap from the record and then use scissors or a paper knife to cut out the sticker. Then I put it in the poly sleeve with the record cover.

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