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TERROR Live By The Code LPs

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To me this isn’t just another Terror album. I anticipated this one more than Keepers Of The Faith. Because the marketing was more quiet than for the KOTF. Also the notion that there would be a bandzine included made me curious. Later it went also public that Victory Records would do the CD version and the TAPE versions, this worried me a bit. But I think many were worried by this.

11 inch bandzine in thick paper

Now that I got the full set, despite the increased postage from USA, I’m quite happy with it. Let me explain why. Everybody knows that TERROR is on the forefront of the worldwide Hardcore scene. With relentless touring and numerous meaningful albums on various labels they established themselves as eternal guardians of the Hardcore ethics and music. And the fact that they wrote a good bandzine and that it’s included with the album feels comfortable to me.

It are their codes built on prosperity and setbacks, built with blood, sweat and tears. They say that we need an equilibrium between respect for the old hardcore and the newer input. Also a positive attitude on shows, leaving a positive feeling after a show for both the venue and the kids.
And that hardcore is NO background music for fights and violence. Hardcore should be a home and place to be or a refuge for a messed up life and world. A community where you can be yourself. Also fight to protect that community and family you have by uniting against commodities and violent people.

As you can read many wise words in there. Also the lyrics are included in the book. And those lyrics have explanations written by Scott along with them.

Making this zine come along with the vinyl keeps the spirit alive and alright. Writing about hardcore and pressing records does just that. I won’t give too many details about the writings as I suggest you read them for yourself and buy it for yourself.

The vinyl-colors fit the sleeve-colors perfect

The package is also great as we are used to if Reaper Records take care of it; the 11inch bandzine in thick paper, the various colors pressed.  Have a taste of it yourself. There are 3500 records pressed in first pressing with 7 variations in it:

terror live by the code vinyl lp collection complete
Picture by JAN O.

Oxblood red /400
Oxblood / black split wax with white splatter /500
Black /400
Oxblood Red with white swirl /1500
White /200
Clear Red #’d/300
Clear #’d/200

EU numbered edition came with poster
illustrated and layouted content
The lyrics with explanations

Too bad VICTORY Records didn’t allow orders for the CASSETTES outside of the USA. But anyway I kept and wrote down the pressing info on them; 3 colors of tapes with the following breakdown:

GREY tape: 150 copies
RED tape: 100 copies
YELLOW tape: 50 copies

So the tape-pressing has 300 copies in total also.

Still 100% Terror musically although I think the album gets better and better as is develops. Including and after the song “Shot Of Reality” is the best part of the album I find. The songs before that are good also but don’t offer much variety compared to the earlier albums. Those songs don’t have the spice of the last part of the album I feel.

Anyway that’s it, buy the record at Reaper Records or

4 responses to “TERROR Live By The Code LPs”

  1. I was told by a staffmember of REAPER RECORDS that there would be six colors. Picture or it doesn't exist…

  2. The clear vinyl pressing is missing. #/200

  3. Thanks for the photo Jan!

  4. holy crap, I totally thought the booklet came in only the Black Scale version. this is amazing

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