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Turnstile Step 2 Rhythm 7inch

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Nice way to start of the weekend is to receive some long-awaited pre-order items and write about it on this blog. Although I missed out on the limited colour black, I’m very happy with how the new Turnstile 7inch came out. The organic and vibrant layout really appeals to me. Like being drawn into the live action of a performance. Although the background is black it makes the photo’s come out more and form a contrast.

vinyl photo
vinyl photo

I always like full-colored vinyl labels, especially when it are live-shots taken on it. Also the vinyl has a nice quality feel because of it’s thickness.

The vocals are different, not so screamy, heavy or tough but I can get used to them and love them. I really like it at first listen, the intro is quite catching too and immediate classic for the next generation of Hardcore I feel. And that because of it’s diverse musical character. Also the breakdowns are good, one who can create good breakdowns immediately has a step forward to me.

3 responses to “Turnstile Step 2 Rhythm 7inch”

  1. I'm guessing the green vinyl will stay up for a while, there's a 1000 pressed besides the 300 and the 700 from the other colors… I realize the shipping is getting a bit too high nowadays.

  2. You got the green vinyl as well. Very nice. I'm regretting not picking that up too myself now.

  3. Yo Willem you said you have another green version? I couldn't see a email address for you so this is me getting at you! I'd defo like to grab it

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