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Negate Demo 1997 Cassette

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Negate were a band from the Charleroi area, that’s in the French speaking part of Belgium. In this demo stage (1997), they played a more old-school sounding Hardcore, that had a tougher edge. Very outspoken and clear lyrics. The line up for this release were only three people. Arnaud played guitar and did vocals, Saïd played bass and did vocals also and the drums were played by Stef.

They were more connected to the early scene in Brussels with bands like Wise Up and Out For Blood but also had connections with the French scene from Rennes aka the KDS Crew with bands like Right For Life and Stormcore. For those who don’t know yet, KDS stands for Karate Dance Style…

These are their earliest recordings, after this they made a few releases together with Next Sentence Recordings. Their last release was with Good Life Recordings, a CD only release. They only did one release on vinyl; a split 7 inch. Compacts Discs were by far the most popular format in the 90’s over here.

Thanks to Dimitri Heymans again for lending me his precious cassette to make these video’s for you people!

Negate demo 1997: Down For A Smile
Negate demo 1997: Bored
Negate demo 1997: Raise Your Mind
Negate demo 1997: Tragedy
Negate demo 1997: Quietless
Negate demo 1997: Hate For The Hate
Negate demo 1997: Outro

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