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Trapped Under Ice / Dirty Money Record Release

cover record release

It has been a few years since I added a record of Trapped Under Ice to my collection. So I thought to write about it here again also. Like good old times. It’s a 7 inch that was released in the time span between the ‘Stay Cold’ 7 inch and their first full length, called ‘Secrets Of The World’. Puzzling enough it was A389 Records who released this record and not Reaper Records. While both of the above mentioned records are on Reaper. But since both Trapped Under Ice and A389 Records are based in Baltimore it is understandable a tad more. Also Trapped Under Ice was becoming big in that stage so they had several record deals offered to them most likely… Also what is puzzling me is how they ended up with Dirty Money from the United Kingdom all of a sudden.

But anyway besides these questions, I’m glad to have it. Because this record has been sitting latent on my want list since it’s release. I was not actively on the look out. But this copy came along on eBay so I bought it. Is has an extra front cover besides the regular cover, that is numbered on front out of 100 copies. Also cool is that the exact release date of the record is mentioned. Makes it a lot easier for collectors.

Trapped under ice record release a389 dirty money vinyl 7 inch
Trapped Under Ice / Dirty Money record release version
trapped under ice dirty money vinyl record a389
Crystal clear vinyl with the old A389 Records labels

As you noticed it comes on clear vinyl, there are also black and clear blue copies from the first press. And oddly there is also a more recent repress of this record.

As some might already know this record was also pressed in the United Kingdom because Dirty Money was on a UK based label called Dead And Gone. That label is now not releasing records anymore. I’ve got one of the Dead And Gone Records versions also.

For more information, check out my old posts about Trapped Under Ice.

4 responses to “Trapped Under Ice / Dirty Money Record Release”

  1. Willem RWHAF

    Thanks J !!

  2. have this split too on yet another pressing. clear vinyl looks nice with the cover asthetics. i pick the tui side over the dirty money side at any time.

  3. This came out as TUI and DM toured the UK/Europe together

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