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Reaper Records #1: AWOL

This is the first record that was released by Reaper Records. It was done in the year 2004. I Recently had the chance to update the collection with a rare variant of it, the Zombie cover. The insert has got the numbering out of 50 copies on it. There is an additional yellow poster insert.

another way of living 7 inch zombie cover reaper records
AWOL 7 inch Zombie cover

Already found the locals-only-cover variant with blue vinyl. This one has got a stamped dust sleeve with “Wild Punx” on it. That something that is occasionally is mentioned on Reaper Records releases. In the matrix etching of the Syracuse compilation for example. Which is also one of the early Reaper Records releases.

another way of living 7 inch locals only reaper records
AWOL Locals Only edition

The record is not sought after by most collectors, but I wanted it since I collect Reaper Records releases. There is also a test pressing made, as with all Reaper Records releases…

another way of living 7 inch collection reaper records
Reaper Records #1 collection

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