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Rhythm To The Madness

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Rhythm To The Madness was a Belgian band from the Powered Records time period. That took place during the mid to late 00’s. That label released many Old School sounding bands from Belgium and larger Europe. Something totally different than the stereo- or proto-typical Metalcore Belgium is renowned for. Bands like True Colors, Justice, Common Cause and Loud And Clear were on their roster. Most were in vein of the 80’s to early 90’s New York Hardcore bands.

The band Rhythm To The Madness has a great Cro-Mags vibe going on, certainly on the “Weltschmerz” LP. Sounds a lot like Cro-Mags during their Best Wishes period.

I had sold my complete Rhythm To The Madness 7 inch collection years ago. Since prices of this record haven’t increased within ten years I decided to get back one version of it. This is the pre-order version with the classic Powered Records pre-order stamp and numbering. It also comes with a photo of the two founders of this band as an extra.

Rhythm To The Madness 7 inch red vinyl
Rhythm To The Madness 7 inch pre-order edition, stamped and hand numbered
picture of the two band members

The “Weltschmerz” LP was a different story, I never had a complete collection of it. I had this sweet limited cover version of this LP over the years. But also sold it, so recently I wanted a new copy back in my collection. I never owned the pre-order version before so I am glad to have it. It has some extras. A photo of the entire band on it’s biggest moment. Plus a letter from the Powered dudes to the people who pre-ordered this record. I still regret not having the limited sleeve anymore.

Rhythm To The Madness “Weltschmerz” LP purple vinyl, pre-order stamp and numbering
wrong label, this is not the record release but the regular purple
Rhythm To The Madness in the moment of their biggest line-up

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