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Reiziger “The Kitten Becomes A Tiger”

Found the yellow version of the Reiziger “The Kitten Becomes A Tiger” LP. Cool thing about it is that it is an early number. Will look fine next to my red vinyl copy. Not sure if there are other colors?

Reiziger “The Kitten Becomes A Tiger” LP yellow vinyl (#006/162)

Now I only need the “Our Kodo” on clear, was sold on Discogs recently. But in the time span of asking for a photo to judge the condition, it was sold to someone else. On a side note I need to say that some Discogs sellers have a tendency to sell records in a used condition as near mint. Let’s remind that a mint to near mint grade is for items that only have been stored and have no obvious sings of use… That’s why I nowadays always ask for photo’s.


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