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Shaft 7inch

Not many foreign bands, in fact only one band has managed to be recognized by the crew as H8000 hardcore. I already mentioned the band in a previous post and I’m talking about the band Shaft for Germany.

I already found their 7inch a while ago in the rare section of the Good Life webstore (and it’s still available over there on black). Here is a picture of how it looks.

Shaft red vinyl
Shaft black vinyl

Really basic with non-printed labels. The sleeve is a fold-out paper that is only printed on one side. Really made that way to lower the costs. Lyrics are on separate insert.

Mind Deception Must Fall * In God We Dust

Looking at a part of the scarce text on the back of the cover we see immediately the atheist convictions that are typical of all H8000 bands.

This 7 inch was recorded in Lokeren, Belgium at Midas Studio like many other H8000 bands.

They also have a CD that became almost impossible to find. But here’s a picture for the collectors so that they recognize the cover while browsing the objects in the record racks or on the internet-listings and don’t skip it over without knowing:

Shaft Taskmaster CD

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  1. They also have a split with the German band “Jane”. It's called “Chorus Of Doom Split”.Was released in 1998 I think. If you are interested I will check some boxes and will load a copy up.

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